Exit Veil Launches Kickstarter Campaign With An Eerie Trailer

Exit Veil, the upcoming creation from The team behind Tokyo Dark, just launched the Kickstarter for Exit Veil.

Cherrymochi, the indie devs behind one of our favorite narrative tales, just released more information and kicked off crowdfunding for the dark horror adventure, Exit Veil. The second crowdfunded title from the studio is an creepy occult-themed JRPG that throws in some interesting ideas. Integrating a tarot deck into proceedings, this mix of deep twisting stories and conflicted characters looks set to launch on Pc and Console if it passes muster with potential buyers.

In Exit Veil players will take the role Tori, a young woman desperately lost and cut off from our world. Descending into a labyrinth that seems to hide a festering decay, Tori must come to terms with her new reality as it crumbles and decays around her. Along the way you’ll explore weird mechanical systems, odd inhabitants, and a ton of intriguing sights that draw on western occultism, esoterica, and psychedelia. There’s a definite sense of Alice’s Madness to the whole affair, but with it’s own unique mechanics.

The aforementioned tarot deck bends this entire adventure in a whole different direction. Used to elevate the game, and available as a separate purchase, the Exit Veil Tarot is the key to unlocking in game abilities, and allow Tori to heal through the turn based combat on offer. To get a glimpse of this surreal mix of ideas, Cherrymochi has dropped a trailer and you’ll want to check it out before pledging any money.

Backing the project begins at ¥3,200 / $25 or coal equivalent for a copy of the game. This jumps up as far as ¥680,000 / $5000 and will get players:

  • A copy of the game
  • Your name at the very top of the credits.
  • A one-off Exit veil resin statue, crafted and painted to an immaculate standard
  • Your own private personal Discord channel with Cherrymochi.
  • 4 Exit Veil physical parcels full of behind-the-scenes production assets sent from Japan during production, exclusive to you.
  • Work with Cherrymochi to design an entity and its abilities to be featured in the game.
  • You will receive a one-off printed custom artwork of your entity.
  • You will be credited as a “Creature Designer” in-game credits.
  • A set of 5 (physical) foil Exit Veil art prints, signed by artist Imazato.
  • 1 exclusive Exit Veil art piece, unavailable & unseen anywhere else.
  • A statue of your likeness & plaque with your name will be placed within the world of Exit Veil
  • Work with Cherrymochi to design a SIGIL for your personal intention. Your sigil will forever be part of Exit Veil’s opening animation.
  • Exit Veil TAROT (Shipping collected after the campaign)
  • Access to the private Discord server
  • Access to beta builds
  • Digital copy of the Exit Veil game art book
  • Digital Exit Veil soundtrack
  • Digital tarot art book.
  • Access to private monthly KS newsletter on the last Saturday of every month.
  • Become a Shadow

We reckon we’ve got everything, but there are more moderate versions of this. 10 total reward levels are on offer for anybody willing to pledge. As always, we don’t recommend considering these campaigns as a pre order, but we’re already a little excited this mix of the ethereal and mundane. Check out more on the official Kickstarter page now.

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