Story Expansion Incoming for Horizon Zero Dawn

Story Expansion

A big new story expansion is coming for Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony, pleased with 2.6M sales worldwide, is hinting around at all the new content.

Sadly, No Other Story Expansion Details

Guerrilla Games teased the fact that an expansion is  coming but…that’s it. The information came as part of a larger interview about massive sales. There is not a lot to argue about when it comes to nearly three million copies sold, not just shipped.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, HZD is about a young hunter named Aloy. She works her way through the game world battling robotic creatures as well as trying to uncover the secrets behind them.

In development since 2011, HZD is Guerrilla Games’ first RPG. It has scored almost universal praise for both game play and visuals. Unlike many console titles, this action RPG uses a third person view.

Digital and disc editions of HZD are $59.99.

Want to know more? Head to the Horizon Zero Dawn site.

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