Expeditions: Rome Arms The Siege Engines In New Trailer

Expeditions Rome, the military strategy game that follows the rise of an Empire, dropped a new siege trailer today.

Prepare your army for the bloodiest part of war, the siege. Expeditions: Rome, the upcoming strategy sim set back in the glory days of the Roman Empire just gave us all a glimpse of how the climactic final moments of any campaign will play out. The latest trailer from publisher THQ Nordic and developer Logic Artists is just over two minutes of bloody battles on an epic scale, featuring siege engines, arrow carts, and catapults and the final moments of Chalkedon. Sieges in Expedition: Rome are complex affairs, and while there’s plenty of chaos to sow, the new trailer breaks down the different objectives players will face, strategic decisions that must be made, and the appropriate use of force across the battlefield. From covert operations to simple distractions, it doesn’t seem like the Romans are always ready for a full frontal assault.

Siege battles are just one part of Expeditions: Rome, where you’ll be expected to take on the role of a young Legatus, a young and unexpected military hero with a past. As the game unfolds you’ll be expected to exert the will of Rome across a number of scenarios, with sieges coming at the end of these campaigns. Featuring an extensive array of systems, tactical turn based combat, and an array of troops to choose from, there will always be more than one way to approach a battle, as long as it ends in victory. If the new trailer for Expeditions: Rome has you clutching for your trebuchet then take a look at the rest of the recent dev updates, covering the rest of the battle or head over to the official website to find out more about this historical war sim before it invades PC in just a couple of days. Expeditions: Rome will launch on January 20th, 2022 on PC at an SRP of $ 44.99 | € 44.99 | £ 36.99 and can be pre ordered now on Steam

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