Explore paths of love in Dauntless during Saint’s Bond


Dauntless players in the mood for some love stuff will definitely want to check out the Saint’s Bond event that kicks off today and runs through February 27th. During the event, players will “celebrate more than just romance” this year as developers bring “the focus to a different type of love: the love between friends”. It’s not all moonlight and kisses, it seems!

To be clear, we don’t mean love love. This isn’t a “friends-to-lovers”/”Slayer next door” thing. No. This year’s Saint’s Bond celebration is about the kind of love that unites us as friends. The love you hold for those people in your life who probably know you a little too well, but are kind enough not to use it against you. The ones you call when you need to move a refrigerator with a body in it. Or binge some garbage TV. Or – in this specific case – when you need to slay 210 Behemoths.

Players will be able to take on seven themed contract quests that yield new weapon skin rewards and, since this is a celebration of love between friends, those who travel with a partner will earn 2X contract quest credits for the effort. It’s not going to be easy, however. Each of the seven quests requires Slayers to defeat 60 Behemoths using the “same type of weapon that the contract rewards”. That means players need to kill an astonishing 420 Behemoths altogether before the event ends. But this is where the 2X contract quest credits come into play. Every monster a Slayer and pal kill counts as two! That should help get things squared away much faster.

In addition to the hunting quests, everyone who logs in during the event will also receive a free Hearts United Flare.

Check out all of the details on the Dauntless official site.

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