Ezio Takes a Leap of Faith into Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings

Legacy of Discord

Yoozoo Games announced a partnership with Ubisoft to bring legendary assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze to the mobile MMOAPRG Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings on February 8th, as well as plans for new cross-server dungeons dubbed Godly Zones, and a teaser for their upcoming Valentine’s Day event.

Ezio joins the battle:

Through this new license with Ubisoft, players will be able to transform into Ezio (alongside other legendary creatures) through the Metamorph system. This system allows players to harness their unique powers throughout battles.  Transforming into Ezio will give players bonuses in combat including the game’s first exclusive skills: Aerial Attack and Whirlwind blades. Using Aerial Attack, Ezio’s can damage enemy by dashing through them. The Whirlwind blades attack cause blades of air to eviscerate your foes as well as causing immobilizing effects.

Godly Zone with godly rewards:

Introducing a new cross-server dungeons system, Godly Zones will be accessible to the top 100 players in the Arena. Opening Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, these these dungeons will produce a Supreme Treasure Chest upon clearing. Once a chest is open on a server, that whole server will receive loot from it. Event leaderboard will keep track of server progress and standings. These dungeons are not for the faint of heart, boss HP and damage output are much higher than boss battles from other dungeons.

Valentine’s Day Event:

With this update, Yoozoo pre-announces their plans for a series of Valentine’s themed events, including a Legendary Pet Cupid, Flowers of Love, and the Mount of Love. These events are set to open on February 11th. The Mount of Love is a passenger mount designed for carting around you and your Valentine. This mount is usable in the City, Plunder, and the Untamed Wilds.

Will you take the dive into combat with Ezio, claim glory for your serve in Godly zones, or bomb into battle on the Mount of Love? Let us know in the comments below.

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