Face the Trials of Mythron in a new Duelyst update

Trials of Mythron

Tactical card game Duelyst is getting an expansion. Due in late March 2018, the Trials of Mythron is a massive update that will change the way decks are stacked in Counterplay Game’s unique mix of CCG and turn-based tactics.

Unleashed in 2016, Duelyst is far from your typical online card game. While other arenas just focus on the numbers, Duelyst dives a little deeper. Fiery hearthstones are swapped for a tabletop view of Duelyst’s soldiers, as brightly lit pixel warfare blasts across the screen.

Trials of Mythron looks set to drop over 100 new additions into the game. This includes new units, a brand new rarity of card, named Mythron, as well as two new game mechanics. Trials will set a series of conditions before cards can be utilized, while Destiny promises to permanently augment a match. As if this is not enough, Trials of Mythron will include an Intensity system which bolsters individual card power every time they are played.

Counterplay are clearly not resting easy. This is Duelyst’s sixth update since 2016, and it looks set to bring significant changes. You can find out more about these new additions by checking out the ongoing spoiler season.

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