Factorio Shared Plans For the Future

Factorio Shared Plans For Future

The developers from Wube Software have taken to the official site to reveal what’s next for strategy Factorio, available on PC via Steam. The team thought of a number of ideas on how to extend the game, including free updates, a sequel, small DLC packs.

The idea that seems to fit the best is one big expansion pack. Wube Software could focus purely on extending what they have and make new content. It would be one well-defined product that would be significant enough to recapture peoples attention, and it would be compatible with our workflow. Technically, it would be “just” a new version of the game, so all the infrastructure of mods being updated, multiplayer etc. would just work the same as it worked until now.

“This immediately creates two main questions: What will it contain and when is it coming.

  • What? It is way too early to show any of the plans, and since we want to keep the iterative process of expanding things that prove to be the most fun, the plan is quite loose anyway.
  • When? All I can say is, that we are starting work on it now, and we don’t think that it will take less than a year to develop. I’m personally very curious how the theory of getting more efficient once the engine is solid will hold.”
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