Fade to Silence Will Leave Steam Early Access On April 30

Fade to Silence Will Leave Steam Early Access On April 30

The developers from Black Forest Games have announced the release date of their survival game Fade to Silence. The title is preparing to leave Steam Early Access on April 30 and launch on PS4 and Xbox One on the same date.

New Content and Features in the Release Version
  • Experience the final story line, telling the history of Ash, his daughter Alice and the apocalypse that befell the world. Players will find out how it all came to pass, who is responsible for the eternal winter, and what role the entity, known as Inner Voice, holds in all of this.
  • The story will be told in dream sequences. Whenever Ash is resting there is a chance for him to experience mysterious dream snippets in which the story unfolds.
  • We have completely overhauled the tutorial phase in the beginning of the game. Fade To Silence is a complex game that needs explanation, especially for first-time players. So the reworked tutorials offer players a streamlined pacing, and safer learning spaces where they can learn the mechanics of the game.
  • In the new survival book, you can look-up game and survival mechanics. This is a new feature that helps you to better familiarize yourselves with the game. As new mechanics are introduced, an entry will be added to the survival book which you can look-up at any time in the game.
  • Access the dream gallery to watch the unlocked dream sequences in chronological order. The dream sequences are broken down cut-scenes and appear in a random order. To enable you to revisit your dreams, and experience them in chronological order, each unlocked dream sequence is displayed in a dedicated gallery.
  • Enjoy new and reworked “quality of life” features. Our designers reworked the UI and HUD to improve accessibility and clarity, improved the game economy and overall balancing. In addition, the combat system will be fairer and more responsive.
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