Faeria Free ON The Epic Store Now

faeria free

Faeria, the strategy card game from publisher Versus Evil, is free right now on the Epic Games Store.

Coming out of indie developer Abrakam, this digital collectible card game has gone free to play on the Epic Games Store and will be open to all comers for a week. Running from right ow until 27 February, the Faeria free week allows gamers to jump into this relatively new card game and try out the title and experience the mix of CCG and strategy combat that takes place on a dynamic playing board. Set in a fantasy universe the title takes this living board concept to new heights, allowing competitors to go head to head and craft exciting decks and shape the battlefield as they fight epic battles, raise mountains, build forests, fill lakes, or harness the sands of the deserts.

If you enjoy the experience then the free week also offers a bunch of DLC packs for sale. The Epic launch bundle comes in at a discounted price of $24.99 while the mega-sized All DLC option comes in at $59.99. Each of these DLC bundles provide a huge range of add ons such as elements, Avatars, cardbacks, and more.

With a buy to play model, Faeria doesn’t chase players for card pack purchases and even includes 100+ hours of solo content for anybody not interested in going head to head. If you do end up getting hooked by the competitive bug then a tournament kicks off during the free week. Check it out on February 22. Fans can sign up on battlefly or watch the tournament on Twitch.

If you want to asses the competition or just get a sample of the game before jumping in, a free week is a perfect start. Have a look at the trailer above or head over to the Epic Games Store for more info.

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