Fall Guys Skins For One Million Dollars

Fall Guys Skins For One Million Dollars

With Fall Guys riding a wave of PC gaming hype right about now, we now know how much it costs to get a custom skin in Fall Guys, a cool million dollars.

Don’t worry this isn’t a cynical cash grab on the part of Fall Guys publisher, Mediatonic. Instead, this is about as wholesome as you can get for digitized content. Over the last few weeks, the Fall Guys twitter account has played host to a bidding war between some seriously well to do gaming celebrities all in the aid of charity. In order to get their very own custom skin into the game of the moment, anybody with a wad of cash has been free to bid on this awesome opportunity. Now, a team-up from G2 Esports, Aim Lab and YouTuber MrBeast has ended this race for the crown with a bid of one million dollars.


This final offer means that each of the four making up this winning squad will get their own custom skin in Fall Guys, making this something of a spicy bean casserole. The winning bid follows on from individual bids from each of the competitors and flushes Tushy Bidet’s bid of $420,069.69 down the toilet.

While we might all be mourning the fact that we won’t be asking our little beans about their buttholes, just check out the Tushy design to see what we mean, UK charity SpecialEffect will be pleasantly surprised. While we’ve talked about the awesome new skins that the winning parties will get, the one million dollar skins will be a huge boon for SpecialEffect and its charitable work. The final bid will go towards levelling the playing field for gamers with physical disabilities around the world. For many a year now, Special Effect has been tirelessly working to enable gamers who might not be able to utilise the default controller setting to access and enjoy games like Fall Guys. From eye-tracking control to easy to mash buttons, you can check out some of the systems they have setup over on the Special Effect website. For now, I think we might need a little more time before we can afford our own little bean.

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  1. What a fun and wonderful game! I also played the same games on animal crossing

  2. The Fall Guys charity drive for branded skins was a success, as it raised over a million dollars for a UK-based charity

  3. Ninja and MrBeast set to receive their skin after successfully raising $1 million. Fall Guys recently posted started a competition where they invited brands to raise money for the charity SpecialEffect.

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