Fallen Angel Closed Beta to Begin on Friday

Fallen Angel

V Publishing and Matrioshka Games have announced that the closed beta for their upcoming game, Fallen Angel, will begin on Friday, August 14th. CBT for PC will take place via Steam. Those interested in taking part in the CBT can head to the game’s Discord channel to request a key for the game that is currently slated for release later in 2020.

During the events of the game, players take on the role of Lucifer as he sets off across a murderous journey in Heaven to battle his way to the top. Players will be able to equip blades, guns, and claws to enhance melee fighting skills or they can opt for combat from a distance by using a wide array of ranged weapons. Filling a rage meter will send Lucifer into a powerful demon capable of mowing down everything in his path.

Features include:

  • An incredible soundtrack to battle through Heaven’s gates and eliminate all archangels that stand in the way to the throne of Heaven.
  • Brutal and seamless combat styles for ground and aerial approaches, including unique combos for players to smash out.
  • Beautiful pixel art and animations with several different flavors of Heaven.
  • Challenging boss fights that re-imagine the marvels of the Old Testament.
  • Full controller support to suit every player’s preferred style.
  • Co-op availability to bring carnage to Heaven with a friend.

Check out the Fallen Angel Steam page to learn more about the game or head to the Discord link above to request a key.

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