Fallout 76 – Bethesda Would Love Crossplay, But Sony Isn’t Helpful

Fallout 76 crossplay

German website had an interview with Bethesda’s executive producer Todd Howard. Among other questions, he had been asked about if the upcoming survival Fallout 76 would support a crossplay between PC and consoles. Howard answered that Bethesda would ‘love‘ to include such a feature, but Sony “isn’t being as helpful as we want them to be”.

It is currently unclear if Bethesda would consider PC / Xbox One cross-platform play if Sony decides to stay out.

This is not the first time that Sony has been in the way of the total crossplay. Recently, there has been a wide outrage of the Fortnite account locking. If you have played Fortnite on your PS4, your Epic account was locked out of the Nintendo Switch version and vice versa. Sony has never mentioned before that players would be locked out of other versions of the game if they proceed to play on PS4. Justifiably, the fans were greatly upset with this revelation.

However, recently Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden said the following:

“We’re hearing it. We’re looking at a lot of the possibilities. You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game. I’m confident we’ll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business.”

So, perhaps, there is still hope for the absolute crossplay between the PC and consoles.

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