Fallout 76 – You Have to See Brahmin Disco & Deathclaw Maze

Brahmin Disco

Reddit user Vault101manguy  shared his latest Fallout 76 creation – Brahmin Disco, the “hottest nightclub in town“.  Sadly, to get the brahmin dancing you first have to kill ’em.

The brahmin is the most versatile animal in Fallout 76. You can eat it. You can milk it. You can use it as a siege weapon or play the the official sport of Appalachia. And they’ve also got the hottest dance club in town. I call it… Brahmin Disco.

This is not all. Earlier Vault101manguy created “the official and the fastest growing sport in Appalachia” – the Brahmin Toss!

Each platform/hole has points designated for brahmin that either fall into them or rest on them. I put the rules at 10 brahmin per player, not counting any brahmin that might spawn under the platform (they do this sometimes). Brahmin that go out of bounds or do not fall/rest on a point area are worth 0. Other players may want to add additional rules or challenges to make it more interesting. 10 and 15 point areas are rare and so far I have not hit the 25 point, though I believe a brahmin could effectively be “jammed” into the hole. You may want to try a different design.

If you are getting tired of the Brahmin, how about a Deathclaw? Vault101manguy built a maze where he would trap hapless oblivious players in the company of a Deathclaw. Hilarity and terror ensues.

What better introduction to the wasteland than a man in a bathrobe and a top hat trying to lure you into a self-built murder maze with a deathclaw in it. Don’t trust a man in slippers and Appalachia is full of lunatics. Welcome to West Virginia.

Check out his other creations on Reddit or Youtube, such as Player Oven (yep, you read that right!) and the Murder Church.

Roleplaying only at night, wearing the ritual bindings and mask, I built a church. A baleful steel tower of despair rising out from the river mist. One by one, I beckoned them… and they followed

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