Fallout 76 NPCs are Jerks That Steal Your Stuff

Fallout 76

Last week, Fallout 76 was updated with the Wastelanders content upgrade. Wastelanders introduced human NPCs into the game for the first time with players able to interact with them, curry favor with a variety of factions, and more. By all reports, the new additions have gone a long way to making the world feel more alive.

However, there’s alive and then there’s too alive. According to players, the NPCs are a bunch of jerks that will not only steal a player’s stuff but will also loot their bodies if they die. Players are reporting these as game bugs though one has to wonder if Bethesda is going for that whole realism thing.

One report states, “There is a game-breaking bug at the moment with events that include NPCs such as riding shotgun and radiation rumble where if you die they will sometimes loot your weapon and all your ammo.”

Another report builds on this with a number of other bugs that were introduced with Wastelanders. These include other players being able to purchase stashed items from vending machines; weapons and armor disappearing (i.e. an NPC stealing stuff); vendor bots stealing ammo; and several others.

The post mentioned above brings up an interesting comparison to a similar issue that cropped up in both Skyrim and FO4. It appears that both games had issues with NPCs looting dead bodies and that it is likely Bethesda reused scripts for FO76 that may have recreated the bug.

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops. In the meantime, head to the Fallout 76 official site to learn more about Wastelanders.

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