Fallout 76 Players Invited to the PTS to Take a Look at “The Pitt”

Fallout 76 The Pitt Update

Bethesda is inviting Fallout 76 players to head on over to the Public Test Server (PTS) that has been updated with the next major content patch for the game. The Pitt will be deployed after testing and it will bring the Expeditions feature into the game that sees players leaving the confines of Appalachia for the first time. Developers have warned players that they will want to have at least a level 50 character to use on the PTS in order to best test and enjoy the upcoming content.

The Responders have made a return and are looking to expand their efforts across the Wasteland, including to far distant settlements. Players will head to Whitspring Refuge to kick off a series of quests that will allow players to wipe the dust of Appalachia from their boots as they head out into parts unknown to those who need aid. While completing the Responders Reborn quest, players will learn about their goals while earning their trust. This will open up the Expeditions feature.

A recent arrival to the Whitespring Refuge alerted the Responders to a dire situation in a city known as “The Pitt.” There, members of the industrious Union have banded together to drive out a group of Fanatic Raiders from their territory at a local steel mill. Your first Expedition will take you into The Pitt to lend a helping hand to the Union and undermine the Fanatics’ efforts during the “Union Dues” Mission.

There are a lot of components to Expeditions including charging the “Vertibird’s” Ultracite Battery Cell, using a map for navigation, and more. And, of course, there are lots of lucrative reasons and rewards for completing expeditions including XP, loot, and a legendary item.

Check out the full PTS patch notes to learn more on the Fallout 76 official site.

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