Fallout 76 Wastelanders update delayed by a week

Bethesda has announced that the Wastelanders update to Fallout 76 is being delayed by a week due to the challenges the team is experiencing working remotely because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak around the world. Wastelanders was originally scheduled to be released on April 7th but developers are now targeting April 14th to ensure that final testing is completed.

The notice was made via the Fallout 76 Facebook page (click the image below to view in full size):

Fallout 76 1

Wastelanders is bringing one of the most-requested features to FO76 in that it adds human NPCs throughout the game. “We wanted to make the world realistically feel like time has passed,” developers wrote. “Some details are small, like the fact that your Pip-Boy now reflects that the year is 2103, and some are huge like NPCs, Factions, and updated locations.”

The update will be accessible to all players regardless of level and even the newest players can jump right in for a solo experience that begins about a year after the events of the game’s main story. Players will encounter a pair of human factions: Settlers and Raiders. Each controls its own location. Settlers are located in Foundation while Raiders are found in The Crater. Both locations are considered hubs where players can trade, interact with NPCs, pick up quests, etc. Players can help out both factions that will yield reputation with them and choices made during questing will affect the larger game world.

Human NPCs will be found all over the game map and players can interact with them. Some can even be recruited and, if successful, they’ll return to the faction hub and be present to defend it and will even offer quests.

Check out the Fallout 76 official site to learn more.

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