Fallout: New Vegas Receives Giant Fan-Made Mod The Frontier

Fallout New Vegas Receives Giant Fan-Made Mod The Frontier

Fallout: New Vegas continues to be modified and expanded upon by a loyal fan community, including the developers of gigantic DLC/new game mod titled The Frontier. As the “Courier” you start a new adventure centered around a conflict between the NCR and the Legion in the snow-blasted remains of Portland Oregon.

“The Frontier is a new game sized modification for Fallout: New Vegas. Created by a passionate group of dozens of community members over a seven-year period, The Frontier is the largest modification ever released for Fallout: New Vegas, and aims to be a unique experience for players both old and new.

Featuring new gameplay mechanics such as high-quality drivable vehicles, and incredible scripting and visual effects that are sure to impress even the oldest fans of the series. All of this wrapped up with high-quality voice acting, dozens of side quests and hundreds of exciting new characters!”

Check out the Nexus page of Fallout: The Frontier to find out more, including the list of required & compatible mods, the size of the map and more.

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