Family Guy Another Freakin’ Mobile Game – Match 3 Madness

Family Guy

Family Guy Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is ready to take pre-registrations starting today! Fans of the TV series will help Peter Griffin save Quahog one drink at a time in this match 3 game.

Family Guy Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is quite a mouthful

Yes, it is quite the title but with the chance to play as your favorite FG characters, it’s got to be great, right?

You’ll encounter just about everything you love about the series including the Giant Chicken and making Quagmire get giggity. The game also features original content in a “genre-bending match-3 game”. In fact, Jam City calls it “hilariously raw” and “unlike anything that has ever hit app stores”. A bold claim!

If you pre-register for the game, you’ll get notice when the game is ready to launch as well as some special perks.

The free to play title will launch this summer. You can register on Google Play or on the official site.

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