Family Video Game Database Launches – Get The Kids Back On The Computer!

family video game database

The Family Video Game database has just launched and might very well help parents who need help on how to make the console in the front room more than just a point of contention.

If like many of us, you’ve been working away from the office but bought the family DLC too then you might very well be battling with the Playstation in the corner for your children’s attention, or simply need something the family can do other than bounce off each other. The Family Video Game Database is hoping to help. Developed by Andy Robertson, Editor of Ask About Games, this database has the backing of industry body UK Interactive Entertainment Association, UKIE for short. It brings together the UKIE Get Smart About Games campaign to empower parents on how to bring the family together with video games.

“This is a project that’s been fuelled by the parents, carers, guardians and children who have wanted to find games to play together. Each game page includes what families ask me about games. An overview of why it’s worth playing, what is the commitment in time and how many players can you have, what age is the game for and what equipment do you need to play it. Finally, the game page suggests three or four other games you might like to play next,” commented Andy Robertson, Editor of Ask About Games.

What To Choose

This new database might still be in its early stages but features a whole host of games that present more than just a faceless zombie or a trash-talking 13 year old from another time zone. Instead, you will find information on how to tame gaming. There are several subcategories of suggestions including a range of fitness games, some of which you’ll find on our fitness game guide, as well as educational games and ideas for titles that are likely to calm the noise levels in the room.

There are guides to age ranges available, including that difficult action style game for the Pre-16 Year-Olds category. If you need some help getting the kids to put down Doom or just need some guidance on how to get a handle on the gaming distraction the Family Video Game Database might be worth a look.


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  1. Shared this with friends and neighbors, thank you! We need more sites focused on the family friendly content out there!

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