Famous People Who Play FIFA


The FIFA franchise is one of the most eagerly anticipated releases every year, with its Ultimate Team mode delighting players around the globe.

It might not top the eSports charts right now, but FIFA still has a reach like no other game. Combining the most popular sport on the planet with the most accessible form of home entertainment, FIFA is the only real option for soccer fans looking for a video game fix.

Once, it was challenged by Pro Evolution Soccer, and whilst PES is still on the market, it struggles to make an impact with a lack of official licensing and branding. That leaves FIFA as the game of choice for soccer fans, and in some instances soccer players, too. In fact, many famous people are known to enjoy a game of FIFA, as you will see below.

Snoop Dogg

One person you might not immediately pin as a FIFA player would be rapper Snoop Dogg, but he admitted he has been playing FIFA since the early nineties, and even perfected an English accent to match the commentators on the game. He has been involved in promotional stunts for FIFA, as well as charity games including one this last year raising money for the pandemic relief effort. He might be a straight G from Compton, but when he picks up the controller he prefers being another G, a Galactico, playing as Real Madrid.

Dele Alli

Alli plays professionally for Tottenham, and we could have populated this list with many, many more elite pros. Trent Alexander-Arnold and Raheem Sterling are both keen fans too, and all three will be hoping to feature for England this summer in Euro 2020. Alli’s England are current favorites for Euro 2020 with Bwin Sports, narrowly ahead of France and Belgium, but it promises to be a tight tournament. Sadly, Alli might have to stick to playing it at home on his console as he has spent a lot of time out of the current Spurs squad.

Kerwin Frost

Harlem-born Frost is a multi-talented entertainer, a DJ, talk show host, and comedian, and the founder of the Spaghetti Boys, a creative collective known for viral YouTube videos and streetwear collaboration. He is also a keen FIFA player, and this year he was Snoop’s opponent in a charity event, Gamers Without Borders, which was broadcast live on the internet.

Victor Cruz

Cruz was a former wide receiver with the New York Giants, and you might envisage him picking up a copy of Madden NFL 21. As an avid gamer, he is likely to dabble in his own sport, but he is also a keen video game soccer player and has been since the days of the Sega Genesis. He was heavily involved with the promotion of FIFA 13 and has often commented on his love of the franchise since.

Liam Payne

Payne is best known for his roles in boy band One Direction, who once reached number two in the Billboard Top 100 with their song Best Song Ever. He is not the best FIFA player ever, he was beaten by Trent Alexander-Arnold in the recent Gamers Without Borders tournament. He had previously impressed by beating Hollywood actor James McAvoy in a charity event though, he is known as a keen FIFA player and soccer fan.

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