Fantasy Flight Games Announces SW: Legion Paint Sets!


Mini painters rejoice! Fantasy Flight Games has announced not one, not two, but three beautiful paint sets coordinated for all your SW: Legion painting needs.

This comes to us from our own Jen Leonard!

SOURCE: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce three paint sets for Star Wars™: Legion!

SW: Legion 1

With all the essential colors to depict the troopers and vehicles of the Galactic Civil War, these paint sets are the perfect entry point for miniature painters looking to add some thematic flair to their Star Wars: Legion armies. Containing a total of 34 paints, two distinct washes, and two fine tipped brushes between these three sets, you’ll have all the tools you need to take your armies to the next level.


All of the sets below are currently available for pre-order on their website. One feature that I am particularly thrilled about is the dropper top that they have chosen for these sets.


The Core Paint Set includes 18 colors that can be applied to a variety of miniatures and includes two washes and two fine-tipped brushes. There are some nice, vibrant colors in this set, along with all of the essentials.

SW: Legion 2


The Imperial Paint Set includes 10 crucial colors and tones for bringing your stormtroopers and Galactic Empire vehicles to life.This set also includes one wash and one gloss to give your miniatures that extra bit of depth.

SW: Legion 3


The Rebel Paint Set includes all of the necessary colors you would need to paint the troopers and vehicles of the Rebel Alliance. This set also includes a wash for shading and depth. The Rebel Set feels like it was inspired by the forests of Endor.

SW Legion 4


If you’re new to miniature painting or would just like to see how these paints perform, Fantasy Flight Games uploaded a video of their live stream where you can see the paints in action!

Though the price point for these paints is probably a bit higher than most would like, they make a nice addition to your paint collection if you are an avid Star Wars fan or would like to have very specific colors for your Legion sets. I personally find the packaging and presentation of the sets to be very pleasant, and am happy with the selection of colors they have provided.

The FFG website announced that these sets should be released around the third quarter of 2019, so you can go online to pre-order or pay a visit to your local gaming store and see if you can pre-order early. These would make pretty fantastic Christmas gifts for the significant geek in your life!

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