Fantasy Strike Is Free To Play

fantasy strike free to play

Fantasy Strike, the bright beat em up from David Srlin, the lead designer of Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix, has just gone free to play on PC and console.

Available now on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch, this often overlooked brawler launched back in 2019 to some very positive reviews. It takes the fast-paced fighter action of top tier fighters and strips back many of the complex control systems, presenting a fighting game that is easy to access but requires definite strategy and timing to overcome the best opponents. Now, gamers can jump into the ring, pick from a range of unique fighters and even experience a couple of fresh updates, all for free. The free to play launch coincides with a new update to the game, adding new fighters, cosmetics, animations, and an optional set of subscription features.

Free and Paid Tiers

The game’s upcoming subscription feature allows combatants to get in for free but pick up a fist full of extra upgrades if they wish. The subscription service grants double XP gains, grants access to special Master Costumes for each character who reaches experience level 20 and introduces an extensive new Replay Theater feature. Using the new feature, players can rewatch their own matches, search for replays containing a certain character or skill level, and tune into the new Ranked TV and Friend TV streams. More than this, these replays and streams will help players to hone their game.

For everyone else, the new free to play announcement also adds two brand new characters to Fantasy Strike, Sirus Quince and General Onimaru. Quince deploys illusions to confuse his opponents and can make these illusions “real” for a limited time by landing his super. Meanwhile, Onimaru uses deliberate, powerful sword strikes that can become unblockable in the right situations.

For any of you that already owned the game, you’ll receive access to the Founder’s Pack, which includes everything in the Core Pack plus 60 costume color sets. If you are ready to get into battle then head over to the official Fantasy Strike website to pick a platform and engage in some super cross-play fighting as Fantasy Strike goes free to play.


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