Far Cry 5 drops trailer on Dead Living Zombies, the final DLC for the title.

Far Cry 5’s latest DLC, Dead Living Zombies, will be launching August 28th and will feature no other than everyone’s favorite undead, zombies. According to Ubisoft the new DLC will run players through 7 different scenarios all built using the games Arcade Editor tools.

The story centers around players being introduced to a “D-tier” film director named Guy Marvel. Marvel pitches a number of Zombie stories that he would like the players to take part in. As a result, players will face off against hordes of Zombies sprawling across several new maps and environments. As you complete maps you’ll unlock the Score Attack feature which, as you earn stars for completing levels, opens up new weapons and gear that can then be used during your playthrough.

The DLC is priced at $7USD and as mentioned releases on August 28th. If you purchased the DLC Pass you can expect this new piece to be added to the collection. As mapped out earlier in the game’s development this is the third and final piece of DLC coming to Far Cry 5 but for players who have gotten invested in the games aforementioned Arcade  Editor tools the fun is really just begun. Be sure to check out the official trailer for Dead Living Zombies above.

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