Far Cry Novel Peeks Behind the Game’s Curtain

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If you love reading as well as delving deeper into your games’ lore, you’ll love Ubisoft’s announcement. A few days before the release of Far Cry 5, you’ll be able to read Absolution. The novel explores the setting of the game as well as some of the background on how the cult arrived.


Far Cry Novel

The book centers on the story of Mary May Fairgrave, a resident from Fall’s End. In recent days, the village has become infested with white supremacists. The story explains why they’re here in the first place. Mary May, however, isn’t taking any guff…or prisoners. She’s taking things into her own hands after being dismissed by local law enforcement.

“I like that the Far Cry worlds are just a little outside of the norm and allow me to tell very human, and very believable stories,” says Urban Waite, author of Far Cry Absolution. “I was excited to bring this fictional small town in Montana to life. And the fact that Ubisoft decided to build this world in the Northwest, and that it shared so much with my own past novels, meant I could hardly resist.”

You’ll be able to order the book in hardcover, paperback or in eBook form and start reading on February 13th. You’ll have two weeks to finish before the game’s release.

Check out more details on the Ubisoft Blog.

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