Farcry 5 Goes Free This Weekend

farcry 5 free weekend

Farcry 5 is about to get a free pass as Ubisoft just reminds us that the open world shooter is going free for this weekend.

Anybody who hasn’t already jumped into the latest addition to the established Farcry 5 recipe should note that there are a few caveats to this upcoming event. Ubisoft has confirmed that between the 29th May and 31st May players can log into Uplay on PC and try out Farcry 5. The game will not be free to keep but that still leaves a long weekend of kicking back, enjoying the outdoors, and blowing away the locals.

When and How

During this Farcry 5 free weekend, players will have access to the base game’s content and be able to play in co-op with any Far Cry 5 owner. Whether that means you’ll be able to play with anybody else taking up the free offer, we don’t know for sure, however. As modern open-world titles tend to be massive, Farcry 5 can be pre-loaded from the evening of 26th May. This should allow gamers who want to get out into the plains of Montana a little time to grab the approximately 40GB of data required.

For anybody who hasn’t heard of Hope County, Farcry 5 is not only the latest in the Farcry franchise but also tells the tale of a smalltown American doomsday cult. Your arrival in the fictional town accelerates a twisted scenario that sees a coup in the offing. The response of your and the rest of the country, you’ll need to play to find out. If the free to play event doesn’t satisfy that appetite for great outdoor destruction then there will be discounts up to 75% on all Far Cry games’ PC Standard and Gold Editions until 2nd June on the Ubisoft Store. Additionally, players who purchase the game during the free weekend will see all their progress carry over. Check out the official Farcry 5 free weekend webpage for more details now.

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