Farm Giant Radioactive Monsters When Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Stomps Onto Nintendo Switch

Ever wanted to round up your own heard of gargantuan B movie monsters. Well, Bandai Namco has announced Kaiju Monster Rancher.

Announced as part of the recent Nintendo Direct, and due to come crashing onto Nintendo Switch at some unconfirmed point in the future, this brand new title from Bandai and Koei Tecmo is nothing short of off the wall. Something of a collaboration between the Ultraman and Monster Rancher franchise, you’ll likely be able to take possession of mini monsters, raising and caring for them until a gaggle of Ultra Kaiju become a happy healthy menace to society. Alternatively, you’ll be able to battle them. We don’t actually know if you will be able to unleash these Kaiju on unsuspecting civilians.

This unusual title appears to take the same basic systems that make the hugely successful monster rancher series a hit and twist them into this new collaboration. While we’re looking forward to trying to feed a herd of hungry giant lizards, there’s not much more on the upcoming farm tale than the trailer, above.

We do know that it will arrive on Nintendo Switch later this year, but that is only across Japan and other local regions. For more, best to keep an eye on the city skyline, or maybe just keep it Gamespace for this very odd turn on ideas like Pokémon and Monster Rancher.

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