Farmer’s Dynasty Gets Out On The Farm On November

farmer's dynasty

Farmer’s Dynasty dropped into Early Access in late 2017 and now publisher Toplitz Productions is ready to harvest the result.  Farmer’s Dynasty is about to get a full release on 7 November.

On 7 November, players will be able to get out on the farm for real with Toplitz’s fully-fledged farming simulator. Take charge of a farming business that spans generations, get out in the field, and reap the rewards as your very own farm grows into a success. This particular simulation is more than just an industrial agriculture process, however. The team behind Farmer’s Dynasty bring together a multi-generational life simulation, where players must build a family. You’ll get to know your neighbors. Helpfulness and interaction pay dividends when preparing your family for the future. S that family grows, you’ll even be able to redecorate the farmhouse for new arrivals.

Sewing The Seeds

Players will be able to build a future for each of these incoming generations. Beginning with traditional farming machinery, Farmer’s Dynasty opens up a range of modern innovations and massive argo tech machinery. To allow bigger and better crops. It isn’t just about go faster tractors either. The top-down overview of this open-world adventure allows anybody getting serious to take stock of their assets. Whether it is planting and managing vegetable harvests or keeping an eye on the local livestock, there are many ways to make a success of your agricultural business.
Getting the crops out of the ground, keeping the family fed, and not annoying the neighbors is just the beginning of Farmer’s Dynasty. A range of additional challenge quests awaits as PC players take on the future of farming. Farmer’s Dynasty isn’t quite going to crop up on the e-sports scene any time soon, unlike Farming Simulator,  but Toplitz has confirmed that it will come to console in the future. If you like management and social sims but want something a bit different then head over to the official Steam store page. Farmer’s Dynasty is available now in Steam Early Access for £24.99 or local equivalent.


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