Farmer’s Dynasty Is Out Now

farmerr's dynasty

Farmer’s Dynasty, the latest simulator from Austrian publisher Toplitz, is ready for harvest as it leaves Early Access and launches on PC today.

As one of several Dynasty simulations, Farmer’s Dynasty first got out in the field back in August. Now the game that merges strategic management with role playing mechanics is official out and it brings a crop of new features with it. As players take on a serene life in the countryside, they will need to rebuild a ramshackle farm and its surrounding residence into a thriving business and a new home for your potential family. From painting the walls of your new home to getting out and toiling the fields in a tractor, the range of events and achievements should keep players busy while they save up for a brand new combine harvester. You won’t just spend your time talking to plants either. Players will need to cement their place in the community, establishing relationships with their neighbors to help the farm thrive.

Now the full release of Farmer’s Dynasty adds a range of extra expansions to the game. These include:

  • Three new coffee shops are now open in the world and they serve 24/7. NPCs will visit the coffee shops, too
  • Honey, a new item, can now be gathered at beehives or purchased at coffee bars. If bee-watching is more your speed, you can find bees flying near beehives on particularly sunny days. As long as there are flowers nearby, you can expect honey to be present in beehives after a long day’s work.
  • Solar panels, a fun, and useful, new item, can be installed on your buildings
  • Nine new meal recipes have been added, each requiring at least three ingredients.

These are not likely to be the only addition we will see to the Toplitz production but if you are ready to buzz off and start your agricultural empire then Toplitz has pruned 15% off the cost to celebrate the launch of Farmer’s Dynasty. Find out more about your harvest over at the Farmer’s Dynasty Steam Store page now.

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