Farming Simulator Academy Teaches the Basics of Farming Simulator 22

GIANTS Software is laying the groundwork for the launch of Farming Simulator 22 by providing potential players with a tutorial video series to introduce them to the basics of the game. This will smooth out a new player’s first steps in the game and make things run a “whole lot easier”.

“We want to offer expedient help provided by our game experts themselves”, says Dennis Reisdorf, Content Marketing Manager at GIANTS Software. “We basically want to take their untrained farmer-hands and accompany them while they advance on their very first farm. If you think a power harrow is a Swedish metal band, you’ve come to the right place.”

Viewers will learn all of the basics of FS22 including:

  • Game Basics – 7 videos
  • Ground Working 101 – Learn About Fields – 1 video currently, 6 more planned
  • Crops 101 – Learn How to Sow and Harvest Crops – 10 videos planned
  • Machines 101 – How to Operate Machinery – coming soon
  • Forestry 101 – Learn How to Cut Trees – coming soon

Check out the Farming Simulator 22 official site to learn more.

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