Faye Lau Returns in The Division 2 Season 4

The Division 2

Ubisoft developers have sent out the first information about Season 4 in The Division 2. Update 12 is expected to launch in the game across all platforms on December 8th. It includes a number of new features, improvements, new gear, and weaponry.

Season 4 also marks the return of a familiar face for Division players. Faye Lau, “former Division commander and current Rogue Agent, is the Prime Target of a new Manhunt”. Lau is leading a group of four ex-Agents and it is up to players to discover each member of her cell to learn more of her plans. Ultimately, Agents will hunt down Lau herself.

The Summit will be improved and will offer players a new progression loop. Tactical and Ascent loops will see players complete challenges that will net a variety of rewards along the way and will also include “milestone rewards” depending on how many challenges are completed.

Other features of Update 12 include:

  • new Commendations
  • the Rigger seasonal outfit and gearset
  • the Empress International Brand set
  • Achilles Pulse skill variant
  • a trio of new Exotics: Capacitor assault rifle, Scorpio shotgun, Waveform holster
  • two new standard weapons: Scalpel (tactical .308 marksman rifle) and Test Subject (PDR assault rifle)
  • quality of life improvements

Check out the full details by visiting The Division 2 official site.

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