Felix The Reaper Comes To Life on iOS

Felix The Reaper ios

Death Incarnate is coming to your fruit-based communication device as Felix The Reaper arrives on mobile this month.

Due to start reaping on iOS, one of our favourite indie puzzle games gets its own outing on Apple’s iOS platform on 15 July. On the go gamers who pick up this different type of puzzler will find themselves in the employment of the Ministry of Death, tasked with hoarding souls and collecting debts in the world above. However, this isn’t all as simple as swinging a scythe. The brightly lit discotheque style world finds protagonist Felix dancing his way through a range of grid based environments, only able to step into the shadows to catch your quarry.

Fortunately, this dancing death dealer does have a few tricks up his sleeve, alongside a fantastic soundtrack and some sweet sweet moves, Felix can manipulate time, switching the position of the sun in the sky. By manipulating the surrounding environment, and the shadows cast on it, Felix is able to set up some unfortunate scenarios for those involved in each of his assignments. From frozen fjords to kerbside collisions, there’s plenty of challenge to each of these puzzles. Despite this seemingly dour career path, really Felix is a hopeless romantic. While your dance your way through each assignment, our chubby, music-loving Reaper is busy trying to impress his crush Betty.

Felix The Reaper originally launched back in 2019 and two stepped onto PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It blew us away with its bright 3D animation, ingenious puzzles and distinctive character design that even included motion capture from real dancers. Developer Orange Kwong has already made modifications to the existing level design to provide a more fluid game experience and are now even more varied, crazy and deadly. If you are interested in a puzzle game that knows just how cool it is then head over to the Apple App store where you can pick up Felix the reaper on iOS across iPhones and iPads starting July 15, for € 4.49, $ 3.99, £ 3.99.


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