Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark Review

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Fell Seal is a tactical story-based RPG. Fell Seal was a successfully funded project on Kickstarter back in October 30, 2017. The studio behind it is 6 Eyes Studio. The two-person team and a handful of contractors worked together to bring their vision to life. Does Fell Seal meet the expectations that were outlined in their Kickstarter? This is our Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark review.

In Fell Seal, you follow the character of Kyrie, an Arbiter in service to the Immortals. The story follows her on her journey to uncover the corruption in her order and with the Immortals. Fell Seal has a wonderful art along with beautiful music to accompany it. Many ways to play based on your character’s classes. Customization is an overall theme for Fell Seal.

At the start, you are able to customize your game settings. With multiple difficulty settings, you can have it set on the difficulty you want or can go in and customize them. Now just to show the levels you can even customize the Injury system settings. Normally a character can recover from injuries by resting but there are two other levels you can change to. You can give your characters permanent injuries where they suffer a -5% to stats or turn it on permadeath so that after 5 injuries they are gone for good.

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A lot of the gameplay difficulty comes from the settings which you can customize almost every aspect from the number of enemies to how often they use items. You have the potential to make your playthrough as tough as possible. Fell Seal has over 20 classes and subclasses to be mixed and matched to create troops to come up with many strategies. The mixing and matching make for some paired choices to come up but it makes so that each character can play a little differently. Imagine having a Gambler Wizard as a class. It is interesting especially if you are the type to make little backstory ideas for the extra troops. Not all of the classes are made available from the beginning, You have to unlock some by finding a specific item. I recently unlocked the Vampire class. To see all the available classes check out the wiki. 

When hiring the extra mercenaries you are able to not only customize the class, you can also customize the look. In the guild screen, there are many costume pieces and accessories to choose from to make the hired hand how you want. I was able to make a purple haired, horn having, barbarian looking Scoundrel with googles. Even randomizing you can come across some pretty interesting characters. Good thing though you can change the character’s class and subclass at anytime as well as how they look when you do.

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In combat, each class and combination plays differently. Each with their own set of skills and many ways to match them up. It is easy to come into your own playstyle and try many different tactics. With the ability to make the game as difficult as you want, I opted to play on Veteran setting with all the defaults so my battles were not super tough but still challenging. It still gave me a reason to have backup characters as some required rest after a battle.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is out now on Steam, GOG, Xbox One, and PS4.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PS4 with a code provided by PR.

Fell Seal is a solid tactical RPG, with great music and art, and a solid story. I love that there are many ways to change the difficulty settings and customize characters. Being able to combine different classes and subclasses have made for some interesting and tough battles. Being able to craft equipment has also been great as things get expensive when you have a lot of characters to manage. I’ve been enjoying my time with it and look forward to trying harder difficulties.
  • Many ways to customize difficulty
  • Many classes to mix and match
  • Beautiful 2D graphics and music
  • Repeat maps to keep enough money for equipment and troops

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  1. I enjoyed this game but it did seem very difficult at times, you have to grind or replay previous maps (aka Patrols) just to keep up with the hectic injury recovery mechanic for the main battles and character upgrades..

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