Fiesta Online receives a battle royale game mode

Fiesta Online

Gamigo has announced that Fiesta Online has been updated to bring a brand new feature into the game. As everyone knows, battle royale is the game mode du jour and Fiesta players can now enjoy it within their favorite MMO.

Players looking to prove their battle prowess can do so in “Onslaught”. The goal is, of course, to be the last player standing when the dust of battle recedes. Winners will not only receive a number of exclusive rewards but will also be featured on the dedicated leaderboard.

Gameplay during Onslaught will be familiar to battle royale fans. The fight begins with players enclosed within a dome that will constantly decrease in size to force players into closer proximity. Touching the barrier or finding oneself outside of it will prove deadly. Those staying within will find special buffs and Battle Hammers to help them along the way.

Onslaught is now available in the game thanks to today’s update. Learn more on the Fiesta Online official site.

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