Fight For Humanity As Disintegration Launches Today

Disintegration, the brand new sci-fi shooter from Private Division and V Interactive, jumps into the future today as it arrives on PC and Console.

While some of you lucky lucky people might have already got a hands on run in with our mechanical overlords in the recent Disintegration beta tests, the rest of the world gets a chance to take on this brand new shooter today. Out right now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC Disintegration is helmed by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto and drops players into a world on the edge of total disaster.

Mixing an entirely new type of gameplay experience by blending real-time tactical elements in a first-person shooter, Disintegration takes place sometime in a dystopian future. After the world suffers near systemic breakdown from war, economic trouble, and ecological disaster there seems like only one way out. Much of humanity escape the ravages of our flesh using a process called Integration. After transferring their human brains into metallic bodies, it seems that a few ex meat sacks are a little overzealous about the whole endeavour. A ruthless legion known as the Rayonne emerges and imposes the once optional process of Integration onto the rest of humanity to consolidate their power.

Players picking up Disintegration will rebel against this. Playing as outlaw leader Romer Shoal, gamers will fight for the right to be more than slaves of the Rayonne and protect what humanity remains. The single player campaign spans this epic saga, while Disintegration’s multiplayer aspect includes three multiplayer modes with six distinct maps, and additional content to come in future updates. With tons of character customization, a different take on the traditional FPS, and a promising set of first impressions, Disintegration should be worth a look. Disintegration is out now. You can grab it on the Steam Store page, Microsoft Store, or Playstation Store digitally for a £39.99/$49.99 or local equivalent.


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