Fight or Fright in Apex Legends starting October 15

Apex Legends

When Apex Legends is updated next week, players will be able to enjoy all the spooky happenings of Halloween. The Fight or Fright event will run from October 15th to November 5th.

During Fight or Fright, players will be able to participate in a brand new event called Shadowfall. The Kings Canyon map has been reskinned to pit 35 players against one another. Those who expire will not leave the match as usual, but will instead become part of the Shadow Squad. The kicker? They’re raised as zombies. Weapons and legend abilities will be inaccessible as a zombie, however, better jumping and speed are part of the zombie arsenal. Zombies will be trying to take out the living with a wicked melee attack. The best part is that death isn’t forever! Zombies that are killed can respawn again and can do so repeatedly throughout the match.  Up to 10 players will be making the run for the evac ship as the match reaches its conclusion.

As with any in-game event, a number of cosmetic items will be included. Players can purchase them with real-world cash or they can be earned through gameplay by spending Crafting Metals currency.

Check out the full blog post with all of the details by visiting the Apex Legends official site.

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