Fight The Neon Streets When Glitchpunk Hits Early Access In August

Daedalic Entertainment just announced that the future is coming and Glitchpunk is set for an Early Access launch on 11 August.

Due to lock and load on PC, via Steam Early Access, this new future fight just got a launch date this morning. When Early Access begins on 11 August, players can fight yet another cyberpunk dystopia, in the form of Glitchpunk. A top-down action game that seems to be set on hacking together elements of early GTA with Cyberpunk 2077, Glitchpunk will throw players into a future where the world has gone a bit sideways.

Among the neon signs and ark side streets, players picking up Glitchpunk will find a new metropolis awaits. Gangs of criminals, cybernetic beings and cults could be out to rob your pockets or hash your mind in a title that promises a compelling story of transhumanism, xenophobia, and religion, where you can influence the world around you by doing more than just blowing up the nearest chop shop.

Glitchpunk will enter Early Access with two cities to explore. Outpost Texas and New Balti both come with their own dangerous streets, gangs, and characters to interact with. The vast variety of npcs and challenges that inhabit the world will allow players to explore the protagonist’s tale, booting into the shoes of a paranoid android. Rebelling against your own programming, you’ll challenge the tyrannical governments and megacorps of the dystopian near-future, and yes, blow stuff up. More will follow shortly after Early Access. Neo Tokyo and Moscow are due to drop during this testing phase, while a full roadmap is apparently on the cards before the full game goes version 1.0 .

If you’re still not sure about this upcoming cyberpunk adventure then check out the trailer before Glitchpunk posts to Early Access on 11 August over on the Steam Store.

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