Final Act of Hitman 3 – Seven Deadly Sins Arrives October 26th

IO Interactive has announced that Hitman 3 will be updated on October 26th to bring the final chapter in the Seven Deadly Sins DLC on board. Wrath is the last of the seven chapters in the DLC that can be purchased individually for $4.99 or with the other six chapters for $29.99. During Wrath, both free players and DLC owners will be able to take part in a number of activities including a new Escalation and more.

The Season of Wrath takes you back to Dartmoor, where you’ll need to plan, adapt and survive against an onslaught of enemies. Take them all down to unlock firepower of your own and unleash your wrath. Failure is not an option. Complete all three stages of the new Wrath Termination Escalation and unlock a new sin-themed suit and items.

Completing the entire Wrath of Termination, Agen 47 defends a revamped version of Dartmoor in what can best be described as “horde mode”. Waves of enemies will attack that will require players to strategically distribute a limited number of traps and to conserve ammunition to survive. Doing so will unlock The Temper Suit, the Shaska Beast assault rifle, and the Roar Flash Grenade.

Of course, this week would not be complete without the annual Orson’s Nightmare Halloween event which is an alternate version of The Mills Reverie Escalation. Players who complete it will receive the Tactical Wetsuit and Bat Shuriken.

The team has plans to offer more information today so keep an eye on the Hitman 3 official site.

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