Final Fantasy Awakening Gets Leviathan-sized Update

New Vows System, Combat Pets, and Eidolon Revealed.

Final Fantasy games have a rich history and tradition to draw from and the new patch for mobile title Final Fantasy Awakening does just that with the introduction of Leviathan into the Eidolon summoning system. The aquatic serpent will be available for summoning when encountering a large group of enemies, decimating them with tidal fury while reducing their defenses by 20 percent. 

Players with Leviathan equipped will also benefit from synergistic buff when paired with Ramuh. This buff, called Eidolon Resistance: Ancient Blood, will give the player immunity and give them a 20 percent attack power increase for the first ten seconds of combat, providing bursty openers. 

Alongside of the addition of Leviathan, this update brings improvement to the communication system and cross-competition. Players can participate in the Battle of Kings, matching up players of similar skill ranks to battle for the rank of “Master,” opportunities for mystery battles, and the potential for an invitation to the battle of the gods. Winners and their supporters will be rewarded with diamonds.

Speaking of diamonds, Final Fantasy Awakening is introducing a little bit of romance with the Vows System. Upon completion of the vow, players will gain access to a Vows Shop to improve their relationship and strength the Love Attributes gained as a benefit of the Vows System. Players can also participate in events together to gain rewards and higher bonuses as they play together. 

Whether it’s fighting Moogles and Chocobos, collecting a Final Fantasy classic, or putting a ring on it, this update for Final Fantasy Awakening has a lot to explore. 

Are you an active Final Fantasy Awakening player? Tell us which part of this update you are excited about in the comments below.

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