Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Launches August 2020

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is set to revive a classic Final Fantasy title and Square just confirmed it will launch on 27 August.

Due to arrive on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices the newest title in the Final Fantasy library is something of a spruce up for a beloved old school Final Fantasy title, not the one with Cloud. Players that remember the original release of this game will now be able to experience the same classic RPG action with a new veneer. Players will be greeted with more than just upgraded graphics. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered also features even better character voiceovers, online multiplayer with cross-play functionality, new items, and challenging new dungeons and bosses await in this stunning fantasy world.

New Features

Additionally, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Remastered Edition introduces a brand-new ‘Mimic’ feature which will allow players to take the form of various characters they meet on their journey. By collecting stamps and visiting Moogle Houses, or completing difficult dungeons, players will acquire unique crystals which will allow them to change their appearance to that of their favorite Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered characters and continue their adventure in style.

Originally launching back in 2003 for Gamecube, this title follows an apocalyptic event where the world’s sustaining Great Crystal was shattered by a meteorite carrying an alien lifeform called the Meteor Parasite. Now a band of travellers journey through the world hunting for rare trees which produce “myrrh”, used to fuel crystals protecting the world’s settlements from this poisonous Miasma. For a glimpse of this brand new adventure, check out the trailer for Final Fantasy Crystal Remastered before it arrives on Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation 4 system, the App Store and Google Play Store on August 27, 2020. For more information check out the official Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles website now.


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