Final Fantasy VII Gets New Original Song “Hollow”

Aerith holds a flower.

Final Fantasy VII gets a new and original song called “Hollow” from celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu. “Hollow” features vocals from Singer-Songwriter, Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet) that can be heard ethereally floating just below the dialogue in the theme song’s debut trailer. You may recognize a few familiar faces.

For fans of Final Fantasy‘s music, the Final Fantasy Youtube channel has also uploaded a behind the scenes video that shows the creation and thought process behind the work. Nobuo Uematsu’s easy-going nature, highlighted in his interactions with the Japanese rock singer, along with his candid thoughts on the design process, are a welcome delight.

Yeah, rather than being proper, maybe it can be a bit more of an outlaw. – Nobuo Uematsu

I think it’s more important to let loose and sing emotionally, instead of strictly sticking to the score. – Nobuo Uematsu

With the Final Fantasy VII Remake being pushed back to April 10th,  “Hollow” comes as a gentle reminder of the quality Square Enix is striving for, and serves as a first class ticket on the hype train.

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