Final Fantasy XII Trailer Shines Spotlight on Story, Shows Off HD Graphics


Just ahead of E3, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XII. The video shows off the “enhanced HD graphics” as well as its remastered soundtrack from the original 2006 classic.

Final Fantasy XII : The Zodiac Age

Many Final Fantasy fans consider XII to be among the best of the series. Originally released in 2006, the updated version is sure to please nostalgic players.

In addition to the updated HD graphics and the remastered soundtrack, players can look forward to the new “speed mode” as well as the periodic auto-save function. Other features include an overhauled battle design, a revamped job system, faster loading times and the new Trial Mode.

Producer Hiroaki Kato has written a new blog post about the process to bring FFXII to a new age.

We created this game as a new game for PS4 by devising multiple mechanics based on the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System that was only released in Japan in 2007. It featured a more comfortable gameplay experience for our players, including changes to the growth system and the battle design where different strategies can be used compared to the original Final Fantasy XII. I’m sure that this experience will surpass the memories of those who played the original Final Fantasy XII. For those playing for the first time, this will be an experience like never before.

FFXII is already available for pre-order on the official site. The game will be available in July.

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