Final Fantasy XIV 2021 Hatching-tide Event Detailed

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix has hatched a bunch of new things for this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Hatching-tide event. FFXIV Players who manage to work through all the new content will be able to see themselves stylishly attired in a full chicken costume by the end of the event. Hatching-tide takes place from Wednesday, April 14th through Wednesday, April 28th.

Players will need to head to Old Gridania to speak to Jihli Aliapoh in order to kick off the Fowl Demands questline. Completing the quest will net a number of eggciting rewards including the Chicken Head and Chicken Suit. The best part is that the entire get-up is dyeable so that “chickens of all colors and sizes will be seen clucking through the realm to the unforgettable tune “Pa-Paya”. Players can also earn a pair of furnishings: the Hatching-tide Confections and the Archon Egg Pouch.

For more about the event, head to the Final Fantasy XIV official site.

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