Final Fantasy XIV Death Unto Dawn Trailer Released

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV has been released and it has definitely cranked the heat up to an 11. The popular MMORPG is always a fan favorite and Square Enix recently announced that the game has surged over 22,000,000 registered users. That’s an impressive feat given its initial start and subsequent reboot as FFXIV Reborn.

But without further ado, check out the brand new trailer to see where things are headed.

Final Fantasy XIV Death Unto Dawn

These next few patches are critical for fans of the Main Story Quest as we creep even closer to the Endwalkers expansion. With the stakes so high, it’s almost certain that at least one beloved NPC isn’t going to make it out of this alive to walk on the moon with our adventurer in the next story.

Patch 5.5 Content

New Alliance Raid Dungeon:
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse – The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach

New Dungeon:

New Chronicles of a new Era:
The Sorrow of Werlyt

New Trial:
The Cloud Deck

New Save the Queen Battlefield:

New Ishgardian Restoration Updates:
It’s party time!

New Primal Difficulty:
The Whorleater (Unreal)

PS5 Open Beta

In addition to all of these updates, owners of a PlayStation 5 will be able to join the Final Fantasy XIV open beta. This beta brings about some much desired upgrades in the form of full 4K support, and quicker loading times and frame rates due to the power of the console.

Patch 5.5 is expected to launch on April 13th, so saddle up, feed your chocobos, and get ready for this next installment in the FFXIV storyline.

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