Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 5.3 Is Coming August 11

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 5.3 Is Coming August 11

The developers from Square Enix have revealed the release date of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3. Called Reflections in Crystal, it will be arriving on August 11.

As twilight shadows deepen, what nammer of fate will the crytal’s grow reveal?

  • Main Scenario Quests: Reflection in Crystal. Having confirmed their suspicions that the resurrected Ardbert is none other than Elidibus, the Scions endeavor to shed light upon the Ascian’s dark plot. But time is against them, for the hour of their departure ─ or demise─ fast approaches…
  • New Dungeon – The Heroes’ Gauntlet. It is said that the hero’s path is fraught with danger, and these words will never ring truer as the whole of Norvrandt becomes a battlefield across which the Warriors of Darkness must fight their way.
  • Trials – Mystery Trial. A fearsome new foe possessed of immeasurable might shall arise to test the Warriors of Darkness as they have never been tested before.
  • New Challenge. Chronicles of a New Era – The Sorrow of Werlyt. The uneasy alliance forged with Gaius Baelsar has paved the way to victory over the Ruby Weapon. Armed with knowledge of the location of the outpost whence it came, the time has come to confront the Empire and bring a swift end to the diabolical Weapon project.

Check out the official site to find out more about the upcoming patch.

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