Fire Emblem Heroes adds Permadeath in April

Be ready to cry when that purchased character goes bye bye...
best fire emblem heroes characters - Fire Emblem heroes adds permadeath

It seems that Fire Emblem Heroes is showing no signs of slowing down, as its April update adds two new ways to play among other changes. The first new way is Defense which asks players to clear maps in a set amount of turns and adds waves of reinforcements to increase the game’s difficulty. The second is one that series fans will be familiar with, as Fire Emblem Heroes adds permadeath in April.

From the Polygon story:

The most exciting update coming in April is two new ways to battle. Defense — which requires clearing the map in a set number of turns — and additional enemy reinforcements will both become clear conditions starting next month. That should up the difficulty for Fire Emblem Heroes, making its level of challenge more in line with its console and handheld counterparts.

Fire Emblem Heroes will also add permadeath as part of a new in-game event. In classic Fire Emblem games, players can’t revive fallen allies, but it’s a feature that’s since been made optional with recent entries.

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