Fire Emblem Heroes cinematic is fan service

It's got all the anime you can stand.

The launch of Fire Emblem Heroes last week was filled with tons of fan service for the series.  The Fire Emblem Heroes cinematic, seen here, is the same. If you’re not familiar with the series (really, why wouldn’t you be if you’re here?) Fire Emblem is an epic JRPG series with tactical turn-based combat. People have gone gaga for it over decades, and it’s finally out on iOS and Android. The kicker? It’s free to play, so expect to be able to pay your way through the RNG gods to get the best 5-star heroes to wipe the floor with the content.

Our thoughts?

It’s not all bad though, as you’ll soon see in our official review. Fire Emblem Heroes is actually a lot of fun, and adds yet another solid title to Nintendo’s crop of mobile releases. If anything, this is the more “core” game yet released by big N for mobile, and it’s definitely worth a look.

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