Fire Emblem Warriors – 10 Minutes of Takumi Gameplay From PAX West 2017

During PAX West 2017 expo, gaming portal IGN recorded the gameplay of one of protagonists of upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors. Takumi uses bow to fight against the hordes of enemies.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release in the US on October 20 for New Nintendo 3ds and Nintendo Switch.

More about Fire Emblem Warriors:

The game is a part of Koei Tecmo’s Warriors franchize, featuring hack-and-slash action gameplay with players fighting against hundreds of enemies at once. The first Nintendo IP to receive such treatment was Hyrule Warriors.

The game’s plot revolves around darkness devouring the country of Aytolis. It started when the Gates of Other World appeared by the royal castle without any warning. Powerful monsters rushed out and quickly trampled the castle’s garrison and ultimately took it over. However, royal twins Rowan and Lianna managed to escape that fate. Carrying the Fire Shield, they set out on a journey to confront the darkness.

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