Firefly Studios Will Bring Stronghold Next to E3 2019

Firefly Studios, famous for their economic strategy series Stronghold, has released a video to announce their participation in the upcoming E3 2019. Not only will the studio take Stronghold Next to the convention but also show off the gameplay reveal.

The game is not Stronghold 4. What does that mean? The game will be taking place in a completely new setting, it is kind of a sub-series similarily how Stronghold Crusaders was back in the day.

Firefly Studios is going to be sticking with Steam over Epic Games Store for a variety of reasons.

The biggest gaming show in the world is soon upon us and Firefly Studios will be revealing the next Stronghold game in June at E3 2019. Check out our final Stronghold update before the show to learn how Nick and company will be unveiling our brand new RTS. Just to tide players over we also reveal a whole host of new information regarding the reveal itself, our post-E3 plans and when you’ll be able to get your hands on the game!

With the help of a bunch of white cards with poorly written notes on them Nick explains among other things how you can get your hands on exclusive Firefly merchandise. Find out where we’ll be taking our Stronghold Next demo, when you can wishlist the game and whether we’ve left any clues as to the setting (Spoiler: We totally have).

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