First Class Trouble Update Adds Personoid Quarters

First Class Trouble Update

First Class Trouble, the sci-fi social deduction caper from Versus Evil, is getting a brand new update today.

Indie developer Invisible Walls ApS is adding a new wing to the ISS Alithea today, as the very latest update to First Class Trouble goes live. The brand new update is already available on Steam, so players can head out of the bar and take a look around the new maintenance area map. This Personoid inspired maintenance sector is a dark dwelling, not particularly suited to the human condition. Crammed full of heavy equipment, this underbelly of the Personoid industry holds all the essentials for keeping the front of house clean and is littered with Personoid shortcuts for moving around the ship. Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for any flesh bags.

Boots On The Ground

Plenty of extra mechanics and interesting objectives also make their way into the Personoid Quarters Update too. Magnetic boots will keep guests clamped to the ground, just in case any unfortunate airlock accidents try to suck everything out of the room, while a forklift also provides a way for players to access out of reach areas in the new Personoid Maintenance Area. Once you’ve all mastered the new tools at your disposal, it’s just a case of repairing 20 of the 25 CAIN servers to activate the elevator with Personoids doing all they can to sabotage this objective.

Despite the new twist to First class Trouble’s initial concept, the game still remains the same. While residents of the truant ISS Alithea are flung through space in a luxury cruise liner, an evil AI is out to kill all humans, and murderous imposters called Personoids kick around the corridors. Just like the hugely successful Among Us, this mix of frenemies and acquaintances need to solve puzzles and overcome challenges without getting themselves murdered. We loved this calamitous social deduction game when we first set sail, and can’t wait to try out the latest holiday destination with our First Class Trouble companions.

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