First Everspace 2 Update Rockets Out with New Content

Rockfish Games has announced the first major content update for Everspace 2 currently in early access on Steam and GoG.  Players will find tons of new content to explore including main and side story quests, a new companion to journey with, the new smuggling gameplay to try out, a new ship class, new gear with set bonuses, and additional activities, challenges, and more. Lastly, a game balance pass has been deployed along with the usual bug fixes and feature tweaks.

ES2 had a fantastic launch with 92% positive reviews right out of the gate back in January. Pilots were really excited, burned through the content, and demanded more—a good problem to have,” said Michael Schade, CEO, and Co-Founder of Rockfish Games. “Going into Early Access, we had eight to twelve hours of story content and twice as many side activities, secrets, and challenges to discover, as well as five ship classes. With Union: Contracts/Hinterland we’re adding new, carefully scripted, story content, introducing all-new gameplay mechanics, a new ship class that brings a unique playstyle to the game as well as lots of hidden treasures in Union. We also made a ton of tweaks and quality-of-life improvements overall, so we encourage pilots to start a new game to get the full new experience, but they can also just hop in and continue with their existing saves.

The game’s second major update, Zharkov: the Vortex, is expected to launch later this summer. The plan is to include a new companion, new enemy types, new creatures, and space phenomena, as well as additional missions.

Check out the Everspace 2 official site to learn more.

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